Anti-aging creams developed to reduced wrinkles.


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Regeneration of the epidermal equilibrium Essentielle La Capsula intensive protection against cell d
Argan and Macadamia Body lotion for normal, dry and dehydrated skin. gives dry skin elasticity, supp
Argan and Macadamia Body Butter, suitable for very dry skin. gives the skin exceptional flexibility,
La Biosthetique Clarifiante Masque Clarté cleansing facial mask for oily skin inflammation pimples
Pampers and pumps your lips instantly. La Biosthetique Anti-aging Cell active lip balm balances out
Moisturizing face lotion VISALIX Hydrostabile toner soothes and tonifies moisturizes and improves sk
The invigorating aroma concentrate Visarome Atone regenerates the skin with essential oils and provi
Cell-active anti-aging oogpaks with a lifting effect. La Biosthetique Liftant Gel Patch intensively
La Biosthetique Regenerante Elixir Vitalite consists of nutritious oils and helps reduce the signs o
La Biosthetique Regenerate VitaLite Creme is an intensive care cream, accelerates the regeneration o
Method Regenerante Visage Menulphia Jeunesse contains a multi-faceted anti-aging active formula for
daytime and at night to keep young and smooth skin Regenerante Jeunesse Hydratante for dehydrated sk
For the fragile skin of the contour of the eyes. La Biosthetique Traitment cell active anti-aging in
Cel active anti-aging day cream protect all day against wrinkles UV rays and the aging process Dermo
Night cream cell-active Anti-aging restorative skin regeneration during the night. La Biosthetique R
Moisturizing capsule, provides natural protection to prevent premature skin aging. La Capsule Hydrat
Against cell damage. Essentielle La Capsule intensive protection against cell damage improved elasti
Timeless beauty for the eye and lip contour La Cr me Beaute Contour Stimulates collagen production t
Age spots and un-even skin tone? La Biosthetique Serum Depigmentant Celactive melanin-regulating ant
Against red veins on the cheeks or nose. La Biosthetique Anti Rougeurs serum combat thread veins. Fo
Celactief fine pores La Biosthetique Anti-aging Serum Revitalisant. The skin becomes softer, wrinkle
For an drought, water loss and dehydrated skin. La Biosthetique Rejuvenation Serum Hydratant for ext
Within four weeks, skin looks visibly younger. Wrinkles are flatter. La Biosthetique Serum de Luxe p
Smoothes fine lines and acts as a facelift to reduce the visible symptoms of skin aging La Biostheti

Cell active Anti-aging creams Reduced Wrinkles.

Celactieve anti-aging care for skin. La Biosthetique with a holistic, cellular anti-aging concept developed in cooperation with leading dermatologists and was subjected to thorough clinical testing aging skin to stay longer. smooth and beautiful Within just 12 hours, the skin moisture improved significantly and the depth of wrinkles reduced.  As we age, the skin also changes. Fortunately, there are plenty of products available to slow. The process of skin aging Unfortunately, we can not completely prevent skin aging. What exactly as the skin gets older? Happens

  • The skin becomes softer and loses its elasticity.
  • There may be wrinkles and lines develop, particularly on the forehead, around the eyes and neck.
  • The skin looks less smooth sensational (old-age) spots and irregularities arise.
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