Normalisante haircare agains oily hair and sweaty scalp


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Specially developed against oily and sweaty scalp. This oil calms the sebaceous and sweat glands, La
Stops oil production on the scalp for cleaner softer hair and soothe irritation. This ERGINES A Loti
Prevents excessive oil and perspiration on the scalp. This Lotion Hydrotoxa from La Biosthetique is
Active shampoo for oily hair en scalp and sweat scalp. La Biosthetique Normalisante Hydrotoxa shampo
Shampoo for oily scalp and oily hair La Biosthetique Lipokerine A shampoo cleanses gently the scalp

La Biosthetique Methode Normalisante for oily hair and sweaty scalp

La Biosthetique Methode Normalisante for oily hair and scalp moistProblem: Oily or damp sweaty scalp, Oily hair is a result of an overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Damp hair is the result of increased secretion of the sweat glands. If too much sweat is produced, the hair looks stringy and the style flops. The scalp becomes prone to irritations and hair growth disorders. The Solution: La Biosthetique METHODE NORMALISANTE regulates the scalp's functioning and restores its balance.    The hair remains loose and fresh for longer. Negative influences on the hair growth and hair quality are prevented. Important: The scalp is to be treated for several weeks. The result is only visible in the growth of new hair.

Scientifically Proven Effect. Grease and perspiration reduced. The hydro-lipid layer of the scalp is balanced. The hair remains more airy and fresh. The basis for healthy hair growth is created.

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