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For effectively and gently removes dandruff flakes. Schwarzkopf 3DMENSION Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for
Shampoo with natural fragrance that cleanses, soothes and stimulates the senses. American Crew Citru
Men Shampoo clinical research shows that dandruff dandruff is reduced considerably. Senscience Profo
ARTISAN Calming Shampoo for stressed hair for red, stressed or tense scalp. Gently cleanses and keep
ARTISAN Detoxifying anti-dandruff and oily hair and scalp shampoo for sensitive scalp, Cleanses and
Resident Green Calming Shampoo Gently cleans the sensitive and sensitive scalp. Reduces redness of t
ARTISAN Detoxifying Anti-Dandruff Essential Oil care for sensitive scalp, dandruff and oily scalp. A
This lotion made for the child scalp also suitable for adult men and women scalp La Biosthetique Bab
Medicated shampoo Mediceuticals X Derma Shampoo againts eczema, dry itchy flaky scalp or other scalp
Epic Elan Préventif dandruff lotion combats nasty, oily dandruff, improves the scalp and prevents n
Pellicules Epicelan Equilibrant is an anti-dandruff lotion that fights dandruff on dry and sensitive
Mizani Comfiderm Scalp Oil is a luxurious oil for sensitive scalp. be avoided especially for black a
Shampoo for sensitive and irritated scalp la Biosthétique Lipokerine E Shampoo is a mild cleansing
Shampoo for dry scalp. La Biosthetique Vitalisante Lipokerine B Shampoo has been developed especiall
Deeply cleanse excessive scalp sebum and oily residue. Senscience Specialty Shampoo Oily hair & Scal
This Conditioner Scrub removes gently excessive oil and any form of dandruff on the scalp. Biacre Re
Resident Green Calming Lotion for red and sensitive scalp. Alleviate irritation, Biacre Resorge Gree
Shampoo against sebaceous oily hair and scalp. Mediceuticals Solv-X Oily Shampoo Treatmen Ideally su
Daily use conditioner for sensitive scalp J Beverly Hill Conditioner for men scalp stimulation and e
Hair and body shampoo for sensitive skin and scalp, oily hair controls dandruff and dry scalp eczema
Cooling and refreshing, hydration and strength Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment provide
Conditioner for sensitive scalp. Mediceutical Therapeutic against itching redness burning and soothe
TheraRX Mediceutical against itchy skin flakes bloody redness and burning sensation on the skin and
Haircare for chemically treated hair and thinning hair conditioner for colour hair. Joico Cliniscalp

Sensitive scalp special treatment

sensitive scalp needs special treatment when it comes to hair care. The scalp is a bit weak and unprotected, which will make some hair products hurt. With this in mind we have carefully selected a range of products that is especially developped to treat the sensitive scalp. These products will enforce, recover and protect your sensitive scalp and will make sure that you won't suffer from any unnecessary pain. Not only are these products perfectly fit for a sensitive scalp, they are also a good solution when you are suffering from dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, oily hair or an oily scalp. 

Professional brands used by professionals for their excellent quality. The products you can use for sensitive scalp are from Joico Cliniscalp, La Biosthetique, Roverhair Rimedio and Mediceuticals

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