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Shampoo for men with fine hair, limp, lifeless or thin hair. Classic American Crew Thickening Shampo
ARTISAN Fortifying Shampoo against hair loss and thinning hair. ARTISAN Fortifying Shampoo Cleans, p
ARTISAN Fortifying Essential Oil Hair Loss and Thinning Hair. Fortifying Essential Oil against hair
Resorge Green Therapy Energy Shampoo Energizing, stimulating for the scalp and fragile hair. Biacre
Treatment against hair loss, strengthens fine and thin hair. Resorge Green Therapy Energy Lotion tre
ARTISAN Fortifying Lotion Prevents brittleness and atrophy of the hair roots. Treatment to prevent t
Resorge Green Therapy Energy ampules stimulating, strengthening for the scalp and vulnerable hair. P
Resorge Green Therapy Energy Shampoo 1000ml, stimulating shampoo for the scalp and week hair. Biacre

Hair products against hair loss in men and women


Treatment against hair loss, condition of the scalp and hair roots


Hair loss can be exacerbated or caused by the poor condition of the scalp. With poor circulation or due to a shortage of certain essential (nutrient) substances, the hair situation can deteriorate in such cases. In addition, it is possible that external (environmental) influences cause the condition of the scalp to deteriorate.

Severe stress and chronic stress can cause hair loss
Severe stress, also known as Telogene Effluvium, can lead to increased hair loss. Severe stress can, among other things, lead to increased blood pressure, hyperventilation, over-fatigue and therefore also to increased hair loss. If you experience severe stress, ensure that the stress is reduced. It may be wise to seek help so that you are less stressed.

Hair diseases
Hair loss can have various and complex causes. Dermatologists can easily determine if a person has hereditary hair loss. This often happens with fixed patterns, making it easily recognizable. This can be better determined by a professional trichogram examination. The so-called Trichogram is a scientific study in which the hair roots are subjected to a thorough investigation. With this research the hair roots and their health are studied.

Cancer Radiation
When someone has been diagnosed with cancer, this person is often irradiated. This radiation is a major intervention and therefore has many nasty side effects. In addition to headache and nausea, a common side effect of irradiating the head is hair loss.
After the irradiation, the hair normally grows back, but this can sometimes take up to 6 months. If there are multiple irradiations, this can permanently damage the hair, preventing your hair from growing back as it used to be.

The influence of medicines on hair loss
Some medicines are known to cause hair loss. If certain medicines have the side effect of causing hair loss, this is usually stated in the package leaflet. When a drug can cause hair loss, in most cases it is moderately enhanced hair loss.

Order now our hair products at Hair Loss ! All our shampoos, conditioners, treatments and cures have been specially developed to prevent hair loss in men and women. The hairs are strengthened and new hair growth is encouraged. This way you will continue to enjoy a solid coupe with volume. has carefully selected the hair products, because only the best quality is good enough! Hair loss can have many causes:

  • The hair roots get more nutrients.
  • The cells receive more energy.
  • The active growth phase is positively influenced and therefore extended.
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