EXTENSO Intense Skin Moisturizer - All Skin Types

EXTENSO intense skin moisturizer moisturizing lotion cream f..

EXTENSO Rich Revitaliser- Dry and Mature skin

EXTENSO Rich Revitaliser Anti-ageing cream for dry and matur..

EXTENSO Purifying Cream- Combined-Oily skin

Extenso Purifying Cream Purifies the skin for COMBINED & FAT..

EXTENSO Gentle Scrub Wash- Normal- Oily skin

EXTENSO Gentle Scrub Wash - FOR NORMAL TO FAT SKIN a fresh f..

EXTENSO Cleansing Brush- Waterproof

The Extenso Cleansing Brush is an innovative waterproof faci..

EXTENSO Foaming Cleansing Gel - Oily skin

EXTENSO Foaming Cleansing Gel is a soap-free formula ideal f..

EXTENSO Eye Repair Complex- Sensitive skin

Extenso Eye Repair Complex this Eye cream without fragrances..

EXTENSO Calming Skin Mask- Sensitive, Irritated skin

EXTENSO Calming Skin Mask for Sensitive, Irritated skin. Thi..

EXTENSO Quick Purifying Mask- Normal to Oily skin

EXTENSO Quick Purifying Mask - Normal to Greasy This intensi..

EXTENSO Delicate Calming Cream-Sensitive skin

Extenso DELICATE CALMING CREAM is a cream for irritated and ..

EXTENSO Pure Active Peeling - Normal - Combined skin

EXTENSO Pure Active Peeling for NORMAL and COMBINED SKIN bas..

EXTENSO Hydro Cleansing Oil- All skin types

EXTENSO Hydro Cleansing Oil is a cleansing oil for all skin ..

EXTENSO Soft Cleansing Milk- All skin type

EXTENSO Soft Cleansing Milk is a gentle cleansing milk suita..

EXTENSO Impurity Care Mask- Acne Care Mask

EXTENSO Acne Care Mask is suitable for oily, restless and bl..

EXTENSO Revitalizing Mask- anti Aging- Dry-Mature skin

EXTENSO Revitalizing Mask- anti Aging- Dry-Mature skin. This..

EXTENSO Eye Make-Up Remover- Sensitive skin

EXTENSO make up remover for SENSITIVE SKIN. Do not remove gr..

EXTENSO Skin Recover Shield- Bad treated skin

Extenso Skin Recovery Shield Protects & restores cream, help..

EXTENSO Acne Fluid Solutions- Skin with Acne

EXTENSO Acne Fluid Solutions- Skin with Acne is suitable for..

EXTENSO Ultra Revitaliser- Dry- Mature skin

EXTENSO Ultra Rich vitalizing Anti Aging Cream for very dry ..

EXTENSO Impurity Cleansing Mousse- Oily-Acne skin

EXTENSO Impurity Cleansing Mousse cleans intensively without..

EXTENSO Intense Soft Lotion- All skin types

EXTENSO Intense Soft Lotion contains natural ingredients tha..

EXTENSO Delicate Lysing - Mature-Dry-Sensitive skin

EXTENSO Delicate Lysing for MATURE-DRY and SENSITIVE SKIN, l..

EXTENSO Deep Purifying Lotion - Combined-Oily skin

EXTENSO Deep Purifying Lotion for COMBINED TO FAT SKIN the s..

EXTENSO PH Recover Lotion - Fat-Impure skin

EXTENSO PH Recover Lotion suitable for oily, restless and im..

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EXTENSO the right skincare for a radiant, young looking skin. EXTENSO Professional Cosmetics


EXTENSO natural basis for good skin care, from facial creams to body care. EXTENSO has everything. Quality with a great price!


EXTENSO  is professional skin care from Dutch soil, Extenso is a Dutch cosmetics brand with a complete assortment of effective, clear, and affordable skincare. Extenso skin care products are of high quality, contain carefully selected ingredients and are rich in natural working materials and vitamins. The products do not contain any superfluous fragrances, dyes and parabens and are not tested on animals.

Extenso Skincare is a complete skin care line with high-quality and pure ingredients for all types of skins.
Extenso Skin improvement products improve, repair and stimulate the skin and slow down the signs of skin aging.
Extenso Wellness offers a full program of natural Thalasso products, sea salts and mud gaskets.
Extenso Aromatherapy contains an exclusive assortment of high-quality and 100% natural aromatic oils.
Extenso For Men is a compact but complete skin care line tailored to the specific requirements of men's skin.
Pure, effective, clear and well-organized, that is Extenso skin in the feet. This complete skin care line provides high quality, pure and skin friendly skin care for any age skin and any skin type. 

Extenso Skincare offers a wide range of skin care products with a wonderful value for money that keep the skin healthy, fit and radiant.

Cleansing products
Before caring products are applied, it is important that the skin is stripped of dirt particles, perspiration and make-up. Therefore, clean the skin both in the morning and in the evening, only then the care products reach the desired effect and can be optimally absorbed by the skin for nourishing, hydrating and protective materials.

Deep cleansing
Depth cleaners remove in a mild way dead skin cells, cleanse the skin thoroughly and activate the skin functions. The skin gets a pure and fresh complexion and is well prepared for the absorption of working materials. Use a depth cleaner one or two times a week. Always avoid the delicate skin around the eyes.

Always use lotions in the morning and in the evening after cleaning. Lotions refresh the skin and stimulate the skin functions. The natural acid mantle is also balanced and the oxygen uptake is stimulated. This makes the skin feel pure and fresh and is well prepared to absorb other skin care products.

In addition to daily care, Extenso Skincare offers various masks. The action of a mask is more intensive than that of a cream. Extenso Skincare masks contain a high concentration of ingredients that provide intensive skin care. Give the skin one or two times a week the important addition of caring and soothing ingredients.

Daily the skin is exposed to various factors that the skin functions
Disturb. Protecting, caring and restoring is therefore essential. Extenso Skincare creams contain high-quality ingredients that protect and care for the skin both at night and during the day. All creams are provided with UV filters (SPF 6) That counteract premature aging of the skin by sunlight.

Body Products
Sometimes there are conditions where the skin needs more care. For example, in the case of resistance reduction, damage or loss of vitality and energy. The Specials of Extenso Skincare contain a high concentration of active ingredients that nourish the skin strongly. Most specials are suitable under a face mask, as a daily supplement under the cream, or as a spa treatment.

Features of Extenso Skincare are: no superfluous fragrances and dyes, no superfluous parabens, no superfluous mineral ingredients, animal testing free, environmentally friendly packaging.


Extenso Skincare helps keep the skin healthy, fit and radiant.


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