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Slight styling Argan Oil is ideal for blow-drying. Rover Argan Oil Hair Somnium Cristal Fluid protec
Argan oil conditioner. Roverhair d'argan Somnium conditioner has keratin, protein and omega 6. for d
Argan Oil shampoo. Soft argan oil shampoo for daily use in dry and dull hair. Roverhair Argan Oil Sh
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Somnium Argan Oil Eco Mousse

Argan Oil styling mousse ideal for fine hair with keratin protein, honey and omega-6. Somnium d'Arga
Argan Oil Hairspray without gas with natural alcohol from sugar beet: Dries quickly, ideal for model
Somnium Argan oil Volume Elixir Ideal for fine to thin hair, fuller effect. Condition without making
Argan oil Somnium Volumizing Mousse. ideal for fine hair, volumizing moisturizing styling mousse wit

Roverhair D'Argan Oil hair products

Argan oil beens Argan tree is up to 10 meters high and the crown can reach a diameter of 15 meters. Looking for water drill the roots up to 30 meters deep in the sandy bottom. The tree Amazigh everything is vital for them, he gave them firewood and shade; its leaves and fruits are the goats and camels for food. Moreover, it prevents soil erosion and provide the seeds exclusive oil. The exuberant casings for construction and firewood is the number of trees since the early 20th century by half reduced. Argan Oil hair and skin care olieAl since 1925 is a date still valid royal decree "dahir" which governs the use of the argan trees. In 1998, Unesco has 820,000 hectare area declared a "world biosphere reserve". There are still about 20,000 trees are protected and owned by the Moroccan state, respectively. the monarchy.

Today, the high price of oil, which is extracted from the fruit, for greater respect for the "life" of the Berbers. For example, felling a tree severely penalized. Despite all the measures the tree is still threatened with extinction! ! Various organizations include "La Fondation pour l'arganier" try other areas to be planted with Argan and thereby stem the advance of the desert. This is a difficult undertaking that often fails because the tree itself very badly let multiply. Already at the Phoenician Argan oil known and in the year 1219 was the Egyptian doctor Ibn Al Baythar wrote a scientific report on the production and operation of this oil. The Berber tribes of the Souss know the power of the Argan oil since year and day, not for nothing that he is called the "tree of beauty." The oil, which is to the most valuable foods in the world Argan Oil counting is also valuable in hair and skin care. Moreover, Argan oil is a traditional remedy for treating rheumatism and skin diseases.

ArganolieDe Argan fruits resemble yellow plums, but the flesh is for humans unenjoyable. Harvesting and processing of the fruit is exclusively women's work, from early June to September, the Berber women collect the ripe fruits that have fallen from the trees. Because of the hard, sharp spines fruits can not be shaken from the tree, too mechanical harvesting is not possible. By donkey fruits are brought to the village, where they are dried. After drying, the nuts, the scale of which is much thicker and harder than that of a hazelnut, cracked by the women and children with the aid of a stone. It contains three "almonds" the size of a sunflowerseed. These kernels are milled in a stone mill and the pulp is mixed with water to form a mush. By the squeezing with the hand of this knitting, the oil is ultimately recovered. The seasonal yield of one tree "Agdal", more than 30 kg. fruit "Afiasch", is about 0.7 liters of oil and 15 hours of work for one person.

Argan oil anti aging oil Argan Oil, MarokkaHuidverzorging ArganOlieanse gold, consists of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, 35% linoleic acid and has a high content of natural vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol 620mg / kg). This high proportion of natural antioxidants protect against free radicals. The honey-colored oil, belonging to the drying oils prevents drying of the skin and wrinkles, reduces scars and calms skin. He is particularly effective for skin problems; by the regular use itching dermatitis etc. clearly less. Argan oil is a significant anti-aging product without harmful side effects.

Use Arganie pure oil with skin lesions, dry and mature skin, sunburn, allergic or irritated skin dermatoses, itching, peeling skin, psoriasis, acne, chicken pox, hair loss. The oil can mix well with other essential oils and base oils, addition of at least 5% increases the mixtures.

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