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ARTISAN Calming Stressed Hair Shampoo

ARTISAN Calming Shampoo for stressed hair for red, stressed or tense scalp. Gently cleanses and keeps the hair from root to tip vital blieft. .

ARTISAN Fortifying Hair loss and Thinning hair Shampoo

ARTISAN Fortifying Shampoo against hair loss and thinning hair. ARTISAN Fortifying Shampoo Cleans, purifies and strengthens the scalp. Provides a pleasant fresh feeling.

ARTISAN Anti-dandruff and Oily Scalp Shampoo

ARTISAN Detoxifying anti-dandruff and oily hair and scalp shampoo, against sensitive scalp, dandruff and sebum production. Cleans and purifies the skin. Provides a pleasant fresh feeling.

ARTISAN Calming Essential Oil Stressed Hair

ARTISAN Calming Aromatherapy Essential Oil for Stressed Hair. Calming Essential Oil for all people who suffer from red, stressed or tense scalp. Aromatherapy Blend

ARTISAN Fortifying Essential Oil Thinning Hair

ARTISAN Fortifying Essential Oil Hair Loss and Thinning Hair. Fortifying Essential Oil against hair loss and thinning hair, ideal for fine hair, lip hair and lifeless hair.

ARTISAN Essential Oil Anti-Dandruff and Oily Scalp

ARTISAN Detoxifying Anti-Dandruff Essential Oil provides sensitive scalp, dandruff and sebum production. Artisan anti-dandruff oil for hair with dandruff and an excessive sebum production.

ARTISAN Deep Cleansing Scalp Oil Dry Scalp

ARTISAN Deep Cleansing Scalp Oil professional treatment. super soft cleansing oil with moisturizing effect for dry scalp.

ARTISAN Deep Cleansing Scalp Clay Mud Oily Scalp

ARTISAN Deep Cleansing Scalp Mud Clay Professional treatment Ensures that all impurities caused to be removed by a fatty, oily or dry skin and des-mineralized.

ARTISAN Calming Lotion Stressed hair

ARTISAN Calming Lotion for deep cleansing with decongestant and detoxifying effect. Gives the skin air and promotes better circulation to the scalp.

ARTISAN Fortifying Lotion Thinning hair

ARTISAN Fortifying Lotion Prevents brittleness and atrophy of the hair roots. Treatment to prevent thinning hair. Ideal for fine hair, limp hair, lifeless and thinning hair

ARTISAN Detoxifying Lotion Anti- greasy hair

Detoxifying Anti-greasy Lotion specific lotion for oily scalp and seborrhea dermatitis. It activate the scalp where the excess fat is and removed. Ideal for sweaty scalp

ARTISAN Detoxifying Lotion Anti-dandruff

ARTISAN Detoxifying Anti-dandruff lotion Specific lotion for a flaky scalp and seborrhoeic dermatitis. It wakes up the skin where the mark is removed

Artisan hair products for sensitive scalp

ARTISAN its products for sensitive scalp

Artisan natural and organic treatments Rover Hair

ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE, the hair products ROVER HAIR for the delivery and treatment of the scalp, she has emerged as its line of products specifically intended for the normalization of the scalp and the problems our hair daily to various types of stress topics: HAIR LOSS , sebum, flaking skin and scalp, and ITCH CHANGES.

ROVER HAIR ARTISAN: Hair Products with natural hair from scalp problems. Shampoos, scalp oil, lotion and cures for sensitive scalp, itchy and dry scalp, dandruff, hair loss, greasy hair and oily scalp.

ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE is a natural and organic hair products line developed and formulated without the help of: SLES, SLS, PARBENEN, DEA, PEG, and ALCOHOL synthetic origin.

AROMATHERAPY is a holistic use, on the physical, mental and spiritual processes interacts with gehup the use of essences without oil, which are concentrated in some parts of medicinal plants: flowers, resin, bark, wrestling, peel, leaves and fruit. These oils are volatile parts which are birch rain by means of distillation from the plants.

The use of essential oils in aromatherapy form has a very great potential, which is reflected in well-being on physical, emotional and spiritual level. Aromatherapy is not solely gebulkt for local use, but use is made of all properties. either the ability of the olfactory message that penetrates our most remote limbic systems. With just a few ingredients, you can drill a series of scents and share the concern of the specific disease gift. The aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, we provide naturally for ourselves and our hair.

RITUAL: a new treatment system is developed as a result of the technological research of ROVER HAIR laboratories to combat hair loss, change of the scalp and the different dysfunction caused by stress and / or skin abnormalities. The strength of ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE is, except the organic formula and the choice to use active ingredients of natural origin, based on the eenboud of rituen that answer can be given to her problems.


Fortifying: Haaproducten line for all people who suffer from hair loss, weakening of the hair and atrophy of the hair roots; through the concentrate of organic and natural active ingredients may very good results are obtained.

ESSENTIAL OIL: A combination of essences with bacteriostatic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Fights the weakening of the hair effectively.

SHAMPOO: SUPPORTING MEANS -cleans AGAINST HAIR LOSS, purifies and strengthens the scalp. creates a pleasant feeling of freshness. Thanks to the precious natural ingredients is the weakening of the hair effectively combated.

LOTION: Hydra-alcoholic lotion without parabens. Prevents brittleness and atrophy of the hair bulb. Provides oxygen and increase microcirculation of the scalp.

Artisan new professional hair products for scalp problems  

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