A unique scent that complements the previously developed hai..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Purifying Shampoo - Dandruff Shampoo

Purifying Shampoo is for men. Mild shampoo that visibly remo..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Deep-Cleansing Shampoo- Oily hair

For spotless hair. 1922 BY J. M. KEUNE Deep-Cleansing Shampo..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Shampoo Stick

1922 by J. M. KEUNE Shampoo Stick is a convenient and effici..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Fortifying Shampoo- Against hair loss

1922 BY J. M. KEUNE Fortifying Shampoo for Men gives volume ..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Fortifying Lotion- Against hair loss

1922 by J. M. KEUNE Fortifying Lotion stimulates hair growth..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Matte Measure

You can create a hairstyle with a matte finish with a flexib..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Refreshing Conditioner- Sensitive scalp

1922 BY J. M. KEUNE Refreshing conditioner refreshes the sca..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Classic Gel

1922 BY JMKEUNE Classic Gel, Provides extra strength and shi..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Essential Shampoo- Hair-Beard & Body

Mild shampoo for hair and body, suitable for daily use. 1922..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Tough Texture - Fine hair

Texture spray is for fine hair. Make the hair thicker with m..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Refreshing Shampoo- Sensitive scalp

1922 BY JMKEUNE Refreshing Shampoo refreshes the scalp. For ..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Premium Clay

1922 BY J. M. KEUNE Premium Clay. A dry styling Clay for the..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Essential Conditioner- Hair & Beard

922 BY JMKEUNE Essential Conditioner Unwind hair and beard. ..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Beard Oil

1922 BY J.M. KEUNE Beard Oil A blend of oils for good care o..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Premier Paste

KEUNE Premier Paste. Styling fit for a matte look and perfec..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Original Pomade

1922 KEUNE original pomade fixes different men hairstyles an..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE World-Class wax

1922 KEUNE World-Class wax A first-class styling wax for the..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Superior Shaving Cream

1922 BY JMKEUNE Superior Shaving Cream A cream that provides..

1922 BY J.M.KEUNE Beard Balm

Beard Balm from 1922 BY J.M.KEUNE is a beard balm to use fo..


1922 By J.M.Keune is dé nieuwe mannen verzorging voor hoofdhuid, haar en baard haar


Get acquainted with the new Men haircare for scalp, hair and beard product from Keune.


1922 By JMKeune is the new men's line for hair and beard. The products within this line are timeless and include ingredients from Dutch soil. Two important ingredients are Creatine and Hemp. Creatine strengthens the hair from the inside. It strengthens the hair structure, which reduces hair breakage. Hemp contains proteins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 that soothe and soften the scalp. Of course without the mind-expanding THC.

The men's products that Hardy's Choice offers are cleansing, caring, nourishing and styling your hair and beard hair. For every hair type, there are a fitting men's shampoo, conditioner and styling products, such as wax, gel, paste, clay and pomade. In addition, the new Keune men's products line for men from Beard & Shave products.

The name of these 1922-by keune men's product line stems from the genesis of the brand Keune. In 1922, Jan Keune designed the first permanent liquid in the world in Amsterdam. He was a pharmacist, but also worked as a chemist. His sons have further developed the brand into a leading supplier of Haircosmetics.

The products within the 1922 line remind us of the apothecary past of Jan Keune. They have been developed by the craftsmanship in which the right ingredients are combined and put together to achieve only top results.


1922 BY J.M.KEUNE is the new men's line for scalp, hair and beard hair The hair and beard products within this line contain proteins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 that calm and soothe the scalp.

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